Monday, January 16, 2012

On the Wagon

Ho ho!
I had a tradition back in the UK where each year I had a dry January. After stuffing my face with everything in sight, both food and liquid, during December, this was actually a blessed relief. And as many of my friends were either doing the same thing, or watching their finances after a festive blow-out, I usually succeeded.
Last year in Dubai I managed to stay dry for exactly half the month.  Which as I mentioned in my blog at the time, is not bad going in Dubai, where so much socializing revolves around licensed premises, and 12 hour working days can drive you straight to the fridge when you eventually stagger home from the office.
So far I’m 16 days in without a drink. I’ve survived a weekend away, dinner at Frankie’s, dinner at Ravi’s (both are usually happily oiled with vino) and even an art event where it took all of my resolve to resist the (free! free!) champagne.  A lot of people seem to be in training for something this year, or making more of a conscious effort to be healthy. 

But this year I’ve noticed something different about my UK chums: they’re not only eschewing the dry month,  but embracing being wet. A few comments from friends:
  • Man down....had half bottle of red ...I may be a loser but am feeling great...
  • I am realistic about what I can and can't give up - wine is not a thing I can live without. I have cut down (no booze Monday - Thursday) but I cannot cut out.
I’m not going to lie, I’ve been close, camel’s-whisker-close to cracking and ordering a glass of something infinitely more interesting that lime and soda. Somehow I’ve managed not to. Watch this space.


Anonymous said...

Love the blog, but curious how you can have dinner at Ravi's with wine????

Britney of Arabia said...

Ah, i should have been clear - I always have a wine or three across the road at Rydges Plaza Hotel first!