Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Less Zola, More Phoebe

We're MUCH slower than Phoebe...
I’m still running. Yes, you heard correctly!  It fell off the schedule in December, mainly due to excessive eating and drinking being my top priority over the festive period, but I’m back into it with a vengeance. 

And it has (gradually) got easier, I can now run for almost 25 minutes without stopping. This may seem paltry, but six weeks ago I could barely manage three. I've declined JT's request to join him on the 10k at the end of the  month, but maybe soon...

In addition to this, I’m…BOXING! Yes, boxing. After 3.5 years of boxing bootcamp I may not be Amir Khan but I do have a repertoire of moves, which we usually go through for fifteen minutes after the run.  Two things spur me on: 

The Route
Walk out of my front door, gaze up at the Burj Khalifa, cross over the road and head down to Burj Park. The most beautifully designed stretch of grass with paving, wooden decking, restaurants, cafes, bridges and…the world’s biggest fountains tinkling merrily as you go past. Step circuits at the Burj Plaza are almost enjoyable when Whitney is belting out ‘I will always love you’.

The Company
I find it almost impossible to run alone. Even my ipod chock full of early nineties house music struggles to keep me going. But with a companion I’m somehow spurred on. Oh, and it does mean there’s ample gossip opportunities.

Top running comments of recent weeks:
  • “Does a pain in my shoulder mean I’m having a heart attack?”
  • “I want to stop.” “When you want to stop think of skinny jeans.”
  • “I want to stop.” “When you want to stop think of fat girls.”
  • “I want to stop.” “When you want to stop think of Elle Macpherson.”
  • “Please go easy on the sex noises when we’re doing the steps.”
If you see two blondes limping around Burj Park of an evening, do wave and say hello!

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