Thursday, January 26, 2012

Passport, Ready!

Watch out, wombats!
The latest trip is in the diary: Down Under! Heading to Sydney for the wedding of an old, very good friend of mine and am giddy as a goat to get there. Being the international citizen that I am, I have a list of friends to catch up with before and after the main event, which also (luckily for me) translates  into places to stay too.  

Apparently Sydney is very expensive, but after 4 years in Dubai I remain unconvinced that anything is going to shock me – ten quid for a glass of wine takes some beating!

Obviously there’s an itinerary in process (recent quote used to describe me “she plans like a brain surgeon”) and in between the champagne catch ups and wedding joviality there is already a Big Bus Tour! Yes, I like to make sure I share my munter tendencies with the Antipodeans.

So, any Oz tips, do just let me know!

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seekay1807 said...

Bring some sunshine with you as Sydney has been miserable weather wise lately.Hope it improves for your stay! Bridgeclimb is great fun; so is a trip over to Manly on the ferry; Taronga Park Zoo for animal bothering, The Rocks, Sydney Opera House, beaches are gr8 on the South Coast. Have a great time (which I know you will)- look forward to ur Sydneyside report soon!