Sunday, January 29, 2012

To Post...or Not To Post?

Rarer than unicorns!
It’s a well known fact here in Dubai that our postal system is virtually non-existent. Post is not delivered to the door of your villa or apartment, only to a PO Box. Some, not all, apartments come with these.  In the main I use my office address as it has a PO Box number and it’s easier for parcels.  

This however, is still not foolproof. I’ve had numerous cards and parcels from well meaning friends simply never make it – if you use regular Royal Mail – forget it. I received one Christmas card,posted on December 20th,last week, one whole month later. To be sure of anything you need to use Fedex – and understandably no one wants to fork out for this. 

It’s the same the other way – Dubai to the UK. Whilst the UK may have a good (?!) postal system, our terrible one means you’re gambling with your items unless you Fedex them. Despite the cost (20 quid plus for a letter) I’ve started doing this regularly, it’s just not worth the pain of losing things. 

As I’ve never ACTUALLY posted a letter, I was intrigued, nay excited, to spot a REAL LIVE POST BOX when exploring Deira at the weekend. There it was, resplendent and red and shiny. I couldn’t believe it! Had a very good look at it, in manner of pig staring at a wristwatch, took a photo, then continued on my merry way.  Nice to know they exist, but I still wouldn’t risk it!

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