Thursday, January 26, 2012


Rare, but can happen!
I can’t let this week pass without mentioning the weather. We’re in the grip of a cold snap here. When I say cold, I mean 16 degrees….yes I KNOW that 16 degrees is positively balmy in the UK, but after four years in the heat, it’s absolutely Baltic to me!  AND it snowed in Ras Al Khaimah last night - ridic!

When I first arrived here I used to view grey, windy weather with suspicion, nay terror. Years of living in Manchester had conditioned me to expect hideous weather to set in for weeks or even months, so at the merest glimpse of a cloud here I descended into an emotional slump. I couldn’t understand why my fellow Dubai-dwellers leapt out of their seats with excitement at the merest sniff of a drop of rain. I may have even sneered when this happened.

Fast forward four years and I’m one of them: the hysterically excited people who LOVE a bit of wind and grey sky. Living on the 28th floor also gives me an amazing view as clouds roll in from the sea or the marina. 

Never fear, I have no desire to live anywhere where this is a perpetual weather situation. I’m strictly a temporary cold weather girl. And as all too soon we’ll see the temperature gauge ticking up up and away, I’m enjoying this whilst it lasts (apparently 3 days, fact fans).

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